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White Tesla is charging by the MCharger Connected C wallbox at the public parking slot.White Tesla is charging by the MCharger Connected C wallbox at the public parking slot.

Smart monitoring

Our fleet charging solution integrates a smart management platform, enabling real-time tracking and remote management of each vehicle's charging status.

Insight preview of one of the MCharger management platform's options - Charging

Customized scheduling

Customize charging schedules for each vehicle within your fleet for specific charging times or excluding certain hours.

A close-up look at the EV charging process with the MCharger Connected C wallbox and Type 2 charging cable.

Cost efficiency

Integrate our MCharger Connected and Enegery into a CPMS to bill your employees for the charging sessions.

White Tesla is charging by the MCharger Connected C wallbox at the parking slot.

MChargers for fleet charging

offer a charging solution for your company fleet

Front view of the MCharger Easy S wallbox in a brushed metal design.

MCharger Easy

Allow your employees or visitors to charge their EVs free of cost.

11 kW / 22 kW

Just plug and charge.

Front view of the MCharger Connected S wallbox with the RFID authentication.

MCharger Connected

A versatile charger for your company fleet.

Up to 22 kW

Get full access to the integrated management platform.

Front view of the MCharger Energy S wallbox with the RFID authentication and MID energy meter.

MCharger Energy

A charger designed for every purpose.

Up to 22 kW

Integrated MID energy meter in addition to all features from the Connected model.

Charging time calculator

Check out how long will it take to charge your car using our gadget.
Charging power (kW)
Battery capacity (kWh)
State of charge (%)
Estimated charging time
4h 32m
The shown charging time might not be accurate and may depend on other factors as well.

Frequently asked

Can the MCharger be used for any type of EV?

Yes, our chargers are designed to support a wide range of electric vehicles, from PHEV to EV, as long as the Type 2 Connector is the standard that is used in the vehicle.

What are the benefits of having a display on the MCharger?

All models of the MCharger family come with a built in display that shows all the important stats during the charging process. No need to guess what the current charging power is or how much energy was charged. It is all on the display.

Would you suggest using the Cable variant or the Socket variant?

The Cable variant is more comfortable to use as there is no need to take the seperate charging cable out of the car each time. The Socket variant we recommend in situations where the cable could get damaged easily. If this happens it is easier to replace the seperate charging cable.

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MCharger Connected C wallbox installed on the black metal pole.