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Dedicated towards evolution and excellence.
MRS E-Mobility team is communicating with each other and observing some work documents.MRS E-Mobility team is communicating with each other and observing some work documents.

Shaping the future of emobility

with more than 20 years of experience in the production and innovation of smart electronics,
MRS Electronic GmbH & Co. KG have continually led the industry in new technology.

Our core principles

are built upon three simple corner stones

We are committed to providing eco-friendly solutions to create a cleaner environment.
Continuous exploration and integration of the latest technological advancements for smarter solutions.
We are dedicated to improvement in all aspects of our business, from technology to customer care.

Charging for a
sustainable tomorrow

Sustainable mobility isn't just a goal; it's the essence of our charging infrastructure

A message from our CEO

Photo of the Günther Dörgeloh, CEO & CO-FOUNDER of the  MRS Electronic.
Teamwork, trust and a passion for technology form the foundation for our success as a team.
At our core, we are driven by innovation and a commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. Every milestone we achieve is a testament to our dedicated team's efforts and our unwavering mission towards a greener future.

Günther Dörgeloh , CEO MRS Electronic

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growing team

MRS E-Mobility team is in the work process by looking at the computer screen and discussing project details.